My 5 Top Workout Tips for Busy Moms (or Dads!)

Workout tips for busy moms

I hear you! Between getting yourself and the kids up and out the door to school, working a full day, trying to eat healthy, catching up with friends, doing the household chores etc. etc., working out and staying fit can often get pushed down the priority list.

But, with a few adjustments, I honestly believe there is no reason why even the busiest of us can’t get moving each and every day.

Here’s how:

The end game

Start with the end in mind. Do you really want to be able to fit into those jeans? Want to feel good in that bikini this summer? Then focus on the end result and stick with it. Pin a picture of yourself in the clothes you used to be able to fit into (or some that you want to buy!) where you can see it every morning to remind yourself. A focussed mindset is so important in reaching your fitness goals.

Get organised

Workouts aren’t going to happen without a bit of planning on your part – sorry, but it’s the truth! Do you need to get up 20 minutes earlier? (I know this sounds mean if you’re already busy and tired but something has to give, right?!)

Can you leave the kids at a playdate and get a gym session done? (Of course returning that favour for your mom friend too!)

Before collecting the kids after work, can you take a 20-30 minute fast walk / jog? After sitting at a desk all day, you’ll feel amazing and totally reenergized too. 

Get together with other moms

If the cost of a gym membership is holding you back, workouts can be free!! Get a group of other moms together in your local park and do a group session or take turns to watch the kids while you do your thing. Accountability is one of the biggest success factors in working out – if others are relying on you showing up, you’re more likely to get out the door!

Keep it simple

A workout doesn’t have to be hours long several times a week. Walking instead of taking the bus to work, getting off the bus one stop earlier, and taking the kids/dog to the park can all help towards your fitness goals.

Get digital

There are some great online workouts (mine included – check out my Facebook Page) so even if you can’t leave the house, you can still access support and guidance in staying fit. Instead of reaching for the remote to watch Netflix, switch an episode of your favourite show and subscribe to a workout series instead. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

One final thing… no more excuses ok?!

Workout tips for busy moms

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