I’m Still Learning How to be a Good Sports Mom!

Wondering how to be a good sports mom this summer? I’m still figuring it all out too!

I can’t believe it is already the end of July! Now every time I go to the grocery store, I am surrounded by “Back-to-School” gear and accessories and I am just so not ready.

I guess you could say I am in the very small percentage of parents who actually WANTS another month with her kids at home! I don’t like the back-to-school phase. I love having both of my boys here in the house with me! It is like a never-ending adventure.

I am almost wishing there was another month because we didn’t get to go on a family vacation this year. That has driven me absolutely nuts! We always go somewhere just the four of us to get away from work and just enjoy being together as a family! Last year, because of Bryson’s CRAZY baseball schedule, he had a tournament in Atlanta so we had the entire family go and we made it a mini-trip!

Sports mom

As you can tell from that picture, Robert does not like Coke!

If any of y’all are moms to multiple kids, you know the ever-present feeling of dragging your youngest child to every. single. game throughout the summer. It made me feel bad. So, I decided that I would take my youngest, Ty, to Disney World that fall!! We had SO much fun!

The year before last, we went to Mexico and that was my favorite trip! I miss it so much.

Sports mom

I just always hate missing family vacations because I feel like that is when I make the most of my time with my boys.

I am forced to sit on the beach (I know, tragic) and hang out with my family.

I really am not a fan of July almost being over.

But, after the CRAZY summer we have had with baseball schedules and lifts and trainings, I can say I will probably be glad to have a moment to sit.

At least, until the next day when football season starts in full-swing.

I wish all of you momma’s the best of luck this fall season!

Spend some time with your kiddo’s while you have them all under one roof!

Oh and if you’re wondering how you’ll fill that time gap when school starts again, why not join my next challenge group and get back to your fitness goals!

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