Giving Back a Great Lesson for Kids

Giving back a great lesson for kids

Ever since Robert and I got married we wanted to make sure our kids grew up knowing that not everything is just handed to you.

That hard work was in it for everyone.

We also wanted them to know and realize just how fortunate we were to live the way we did and go to school.

So, we began to do community outreach whenever we would go on vacation.

Instead of us just lounging around doing nothing for 7 straight days, we wanted to give back.

One year, we were in Mexico and we went to a school where both of my boys volunteered to read to the classes.

giving back a great lesson for kids giving back a great lesson for kids

Talk about a momma being proud of her boys.

Later that week we wanted to do something more!

We had seen they were having a Backpack Drive, so we piled into a car and went out as a family and bought as many backpacks as we could hold!

You see, here is my philosophy on this.

Robert and I have both worked hard to get to where we are now, but we don’t want our boys to believe everything in life is easy or that they are entitled.

I want them to grow up learning how to give back, to serve like Jesus did.

To us, there is such an importance in that because you don’t get to see it often!

I want my boys to be leaders in their life, to strive for excellence and to be successful in whatever they set their minds to.

I also want them to be humble, to serve others endlessly and to shine Jesus’ light when there is darkness in the room.

There has been so much negativity lately, I want to bring a little bit of sunshine to your day.

Next time you go on vacation, find out what the need is in the local community around you and go serve.

It is so easy to find where to help!

Go to Facebook City Pages or Trip Advisor Community Boards and ask if there are any charities in need!

Most of the time, you will meet someone who lives there, like a teacher, who really needs something from the United States that they can’t get there.

Try and find that community outreach program you want to help!

Be the Light.

Blessings to you and your family.

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